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Lady Summers

AfroLatina with Mix Ancestry, raised in Connecticut.  I am an Emerging Digital Contemporary Artist, naturally talented regarding The Arts. I have very independent views, and support Minorities and Women. I’m your unsterotypical, millennial intellectual that reflects my soul, mind, body and spirit onto canvas, or whatever creative outlet. 

Studied different dances while in grade school such as tap dance, tribal dance, hip hop, dancehall, and ballet. As an adult I learned how to ballroom dance. 

I’ve learned to play instruments from 4 or 5 years old while in grade school such as Piano, Violin, Xylophone, Recorder (Flute) and learned to play Guitar, Pan Drum, & Drums as an Adult. I also learn to compose music while in Middle School. I’ve also studied Acting, Formal Singing Lessons including Opera & Choir while in Middle School, High School, University*Ahem I am A University Graduate. 

I am becoming an Entrepreneur/Philanthropist, I am also Unpublished Children’s Book Author, Spoken Word Poet, Novice Writer,  Amateur Screenplay Writer. I have a few projects that I’m trying to bring to fruition in the near future, please contact if your a creative too to bounce some ideas/concept to make some magic. 

 Please support a Minority & Women trying to work and earn her way up. Lets bring ladies back into style. 

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P.O Box 4909 Jacksonville, FL 32201 USA

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