Androgynous Perseverance Clown

Androgynous Perseverance Clown

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Some surely and truly are just destined to be great despite set backs other such adversities. Despite the detours you shall always find a way to accomplish what is destined. Somethings that cannot be hidden is The Sun, The Moon and The Truth, no matter what adversity does. Be careful how you tell the Truth, because the devil ears start ringing, and hand start tinging and those false idols become the shadows to a overstood past that a notch in the belt, and a scar to cover with some new ink.  Alchemy.....greater. 


Put on your best to celebrate what is no longer aisles your heart and weighs you down. Just because your are going through something doesn't mean you have to look like what you been through or enduring. Cleanse yourselves from Sin's, make atonements and celebrate new beginnings. 


Glow Darlings, Glow! 


  • 56 x 80" Silverada Metallic Canvas
    • Thick Stretched & Mounted-
    • Professional Taped Backing


Posters/Prints Are Available.


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Offical Authenticity Certifcate.



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  • Cleaning Instructions

    Clean With Damp Cloth.