Disbelief Clown

Disbelief Clown

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I feel as though I was raised in a best era (Millennials) because I had generation before to teach valuable lessons, and just before the Generation Z. We had valuable role models, and a tone that was set in the 80s/90s regarding what is acceptable, and what isn't acceptable. Adults old enough to be a parents/grandparents and so forth are in a great disbelief because some don't know who key icons are they paved the way to have the freedoms, comedies, fashion, art, laws etc where are not utilizing them to an altruistic benefit. Saddens by all this, I painted "Disbelief Clown", this generation that doesn't appreciate, care or respect themselves or anything  prior to them will laugh at the ones who have been raised properly to be honest. While the clown has more class, majority, moral, ethics, conscious, style, intelligence and raw talent then the perfect plastic guy and/or girl who are leeches who is acceptable in mainstream and status quo. Disbelief Clown is disappointed regarding society, communities, Nations and so forth. 


Respect The Clowns, Darling.


  • 56 x 80" Silverada Metallic Canvas
    • Thick Stretched & Mounted-
    • Professional Taped Backing


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Offical Authenticity Certicate. 

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    Clean With Damp Cloth.