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I've had, I've lost, I've regain, and I've been writing revisions ....... One of the few I've always had is humility, because you can be very blessed and have everything change within a instant due to any possibility. When Ive been enduring growing pains, ans still enduring some growing pains, I've learned who my friends was, who my friends aren't and overstood some things along the way. When your on the bus, who is with you? When you in a Ferrari? Who With You? When you sick? Who with you? When your on the Yatch? Who with you? Who cheering you on and will go to war and shock call if need be? These things are very important when you in difficult situations, especially if their subjected. I took this picture while in the back of the bus that I still refer to as "Public Limo", when I felt dark parasitic energiesm I overstood how real phake someone is who claimed to be genuine.


  • 56 x 56" Silverada Metallic Canvas
    • Thick Stretched & Mounted-
    • Black Archival Backing


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Offical Authenticity Certifcate.






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