Sadden Clown

Sadden Clown

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Represents the younger Millennials & Genration Z who are embrassed by the older egomanic generations, and their own generation who are suppose to be setting an example as role models and  leaders. 


Instead they are behaving badly for temporal corporal powers while refusing to pass the baton to those who are the successors to build bridges to have a fruitful generation, because I surely believe the children are the future. However you dont know where you going, until you know where you have been.


Their is a silent war on our respectable Societies, Communities and Nations where those are punished because you have Propriety, Family Values, Sisterly/Brotheryly Love, Altruistic Old School Morals, Ethics and are proud about those who came before to afford the great things that we ALL have today, and so forth. Everything each Nation has been originally have their foundation built on, we seriously dropped the ball for those who applease to lower worldly things that are acceptable in secular Societies, Communites and Nations.


*"Mona Lisa's Smile" 2003 is how I feel about everything!* (Personal Note To Art APpreicators) 


Speak Life.

Eat Life.

Drink Life.

Plot Life.

Breath Life.

Exhibit Life.




  • 36 x 60" Silverada Metallic Canvas
    • Thin Stretched & Mounted
    • Professional Taped Backing


Posters/Prints Are Available.


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Offical Authincated Certifcate. 



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