I've endured a lot, trials and tribulations! Blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, ugly cries and I've envisioned Sanity. Because everyone around oneself is crazy in a society that socially entered to think that narcisstic, sociopathic, serial provoker behaviors are acceptable norms. While those who are uncomfortable trying to fit into the status quo and mainstream until they find a break or financial leverage to leave a very toxic situation to seek SOUL, SELF, SANITY, SERENITY, SANCITY to name a few that is require to regain stability. 


I am sick in my soul and spiritually, I have to get away from the USA and their citizens to seek asylum away from those who encouraged and are enablers to these toxic being that feel that they are entities don't to ruin someone health-especially mental health. 


I've lived my life and front of a lot of eyes.....subjection is a understatement! Where I have no more "character" left. I am growing plant,m that has been pruned, perhaps need to be repotted to a larger pot or perhaps into nature. 


I find myself staying with this idea that everything is going to be okay, everything isn't going to be okay. The lies are maddening, and the devil is a skilled liar where he can fooled almost anybody who doesn't know the WORD. In a few months,m I'm seeking asylum, economic asylum away from GREED and those who are pretentious with intentions to destroy another soul without thought or reason. Dangerous. Why stay and be a victim, when you can run to have a reason to live and start something new somewhere else. SANITY!


56 X 72 Inches

Silverada Metallica Canvas

Professional Back Painting


Prints/Posters Available 


Certificate of Authenticity (COA)



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