Serious Kings (3 Kings Day)

Serious Kings (3 Kings Day)

This is to celebrate 3 Kings Day and Older Brother Birthday which is January 6! This day is important to Latinos, believe it or not to Africans/African-Americans too. To those who overt stand how important this Holiday is, God Bless You!


These 3 Kings have experience where they;ve made mistakes, however corrected these mistakes. Has a living testimony to speak honestly before God perhaps even Gods to be acquire allevement from things are mundane and what once made them insane. Madden, yes! Subtracted self from hostile envrioments to seek asylum, clarity, soul searching. Closed their eyes once they regain freedom to somewhere safe away from hurt, harm, and danger.


Enlightenment is growth-Growing Pains!


56 X 72 Inches

Silverada Metallic Canvas

Professional Taped Backing


Prints/Postersa Available 


Certificate of Authenticity (COA)


This is one verison while the other that I'm working on has Rose Colored Glasses, and perhaps a few other version too! Be tuned!  

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