The Devils That Go Shhh!!!!

The Devils That Go Shhh!!!!

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The Devil That Go Shhh!!!!! Are the evil eyes that are cast upon anyone that looks within, embrace their gifts and collabs with those are are alike. The Motto is, We're Great, and this isn't, something that is over night. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into these seeds, plans, courses, revelations, etc. 


Devils are like a cancer that attack healthy tissues in the body and has no purpose than to destroy anything living, evolving. LUICFER, that jealous one that chose to SIN and fall from own position because LUICFER was to busy gawking at someone else gifts instead of focusing on own and becoming a puzzle piece and decided to become a Jenga Piece. What's your foundation? 


Devils have the same opportunity, perhaps talent or even intellect and chose to be against one self, and others. The devil have cast an evil eyes, and tell you Shhhh!!! And point at your head.....I've learn that any form regarding discrimination isn't the way through countless leaders who have learned through trials and errors, however not blind slides to the dangers that could cause any kind of harms or danger. 


 Devil are the cancer to any and everyone, and devils are skilled liars that like to be on top of another....Jenga! Everything that glitters ain't gold babies, now you are you going to be when you stand before God, or perhaps even Gods? What do you do with your silver and your gold, did you invest, did you  pawn your silver and gold, did you sell your sold for secular success and macarade around like you've made misdemeanor atonements while entrapping innocent lives. Not speak my truth, or your truth, speak the truth. 


You cannot sacrifice LIFE, pretend to be LIFE, want to be in LIFE,  all you will get in LIFE. Certain Martuity levels are require to be around someone when they reach new heights and levels. If you are not serving the same purpose, then what is your purpose if you haven't obtain higher literal self, yet chose to trample the flowers that you chose to be inferior to that was mean to empowering , sin pure and to recripate growth? Perhaps these people spent all their time on the bodes and not their minds, perhap tearing someone else down for short term self confidejce boost and looking for a come up because their well has ran dry, and lack own talent all along. Treason against oneself is the worst kind, because you become your own enemy. .Try me? No Honet try being a grown adult, embracing growing pains while being the HNIC that you laugh then copy and love to hate on. Darling......tea? How about some H20. 


Lady Summers

-The Literal Grown Adult


P.S If I am grasshopper level, what you going to be to those who are grander than Moi!


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